"History isn't written, history is made"

David Ben Gurion

millions of $ raised

for hundreds of  projects

in dozens of settlements

Hakeren Lepituach Mateh Binyamin Vehahityashvut

The Keren Lepituach Mateh Binyamin Vehahityashvut was founded in 2015 in order to assist in fundraising for different projects in the Binyamin area. Over the years the Keren raised millions of dollars for playgrounds, synagogues, mikvahs, helping the needy and more.

In 2019 the Keren was recognized for tax deductions in Israel, and since then the Keren’s involvement in the different projects in Binyamin grew even more.

The Keren has an agreement with The Heart of Israel, an American foundation with similar goal, which allows dollar donations to the Keren to be processed through The Heart of Israel foundation and be 501c3 Tax deductible.  

some of our formore projects

just a small taste

Talmon Mikvah

A co-project of Talmon, the Keren and other donors Photo credit Michal Avior

Rimonim Soccer Field

A co-project of the Regional Council, the Toto and the Keren

Alon Playground

A co-project of Alon and the Keren

Ronen's house for Soldiers in Psagot

A co-project of Psagot, Yashar Lachayal and the Keren

Our team

A.Y Katsof


A.Y Katsof

Lives in Eish Kodesh, Founder and director of the Keren since its foundation in 2015

Racheli Eyal


Racheli eyal

Lives in Psagot , has been working in the Keren since 2017

The goals of the foundation

The foundation will assist in the development of the settlements in the Binyamin Regional Council and out of it and will assist in all the needs by giving financial assistance, assistance in building public structures, parks and public areas. The foundation will support IDF soldiers serving in the Binyamin area and out of it.

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