Beit Hogla

Bait hogla

4 years ago, a group of pioneers named "Seeing Nevo" settled near Beit Hogla. Beit Hogla is located north of the Dead Sea on Rout 90 (near the Beit Arava junction). The location of the settlement is strategic and important, since on the eastern side between Jordan and Jericho along the Jordan Valley there are hardly any Jewish settlements A number of young families live in the settlement and new families are showing interest all the time The need for a Mikvah is essential and significant, specifically do to the isolation of this settlement

beit hogla mikvah

The women’s Mikvah is named for Shoshana Martzbach and Malka Picard, who even in the hard times of the Second World War and after it were of the few women in Paris that observed the Jewish law zealously, even though the only Mikvah in Paris at the time was in terrible shape.

We would be happy if you would join us in this big mitzvah of building a Mikvah in Bet Hogla in the Jordan Valley, in the place where the sons of Israel crossed the Jordan River to enter the land of Israel.

The cost of building the Mikvah:

88,200 $