Mevo Horon

Mevo horon

Mevo Horon the first community in Binyamin, was established in 1969.
Mevo Horon is an orthodox community which includes 470 families.

Renewing the Mevo Horon Synagogue

The main synagogue was planned and built 40 years ago, people from all the different diaspora groups prayed together in this synagogue.

Over the years the community grew and the synagogue has become too crowded, and the building which used to be beautiful and spectacular became old and not respectable enough.

In over 40 years most houses were renovated more than once and the synagogue stayed the same.

The time has come to renovate the synagogue and bring it up to date as well.

The cost of the renovation is $320,000.

Every $ will be matched by a donor who volunteered to do so.

Please join us in this important goal!

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A check may be sent to :

The Binyamin Fund / The Heart of Israel

445 Central Avenue Suite 100. Cedarhurst NY. 11516

Please note the purpose of the donation

All donations are 501c3 Tax deductible.

Renovating the mevo horon mikvah

Family purity is getting an upgrade in Mevo Horon!

We are updating and renovating the local women’s mikvah.

“… And you should purify yourselves…” The women’s mikvah…

Making it more beautiful, more pleasant, a more pampering experience, more modern, and more inviting..

Creating an experience for each visitor that will add holiness and light to her home.

In order to complete the renovations, we need only to raise a final $15,200.

Take part in this important mitzvah campaign and become an eternal partner for future generations!

left to raise: