Neve Erez

Neve Erez

Neve Erez, in Hevel Binyamin was established in 1999 in memory of General Erez Gershtein, who fell in Lebanon. It is a suburb of the well-established Yishuv Ma'ale Michmas. The community of Neve Erez is made up of both native Israelis and olim, young and veteran families, secular and religious, Sephardim and Ashkenazim. The foundation of our community is tolerance, understanding of each other and love of our Creator and what He created. Our members include artists, musicians, educators and builders. Tourism, agriculture, home-grown produce and hand-made crafts abound. Today there are about 40 families and 57 children, the more the merrier!

Neve Erez Shul

Our shul is the spiritual, communal and cultural center of Neve Erez. On 14th Elul the shul burnt down as a result of an electrical fault. We, the residents of Neve Erez have embarked on the project of building a new, permanent shul complex. In this shul complex there will be a large prayer sanctuary to accommodate our growing community.. In addition, the complex will serve as a community center to house programs for our children and youth and a library. With these new facilities, we will be able expand and thrive for many years to come. The cost of the construction of the Beit Knesset is 770,000 shekels. The residents of Neve Erez have already secured pledges of 350, 000 shekels. We still need to raise 420,000 shekels. Please partner with us, by making a donation to enable us to complete the building of our Beit Knesset

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The Binyamin Fund / The Heart of Israel

445 Central Avenue Suite 100. Cedarhurst NY. 11516

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