Givaat Haroeh

Givaat Haroeh

Givaat Haroeh was founded in 1993 as part of the expansion program of the Eli neighborhood.
Since 2006 Givaat Haroeh has been run as an independent settlement.
Today, Givat Haroeh is a thriving community that is constantly growing.
Situated half an hour from Jerusalem and from Israel's central region at 762m above sea level, 32 families and about 80 children currently reside there.
On a hilltop overlooking streams and valleys, with an incredible view of Mount Hermon, a young, active and supportive community was formed.
The community has several utilities including a synagogue, a mikvah, a wonderful kindergarten, a small banquet hall, a new soccer field, a playground and a community playroom.

Givat Haroeh Synagogue

In Givat Haroeh, the Shul (synagogue) is the heart of the community and the stronghold which unites everyone- men, women and children- whether it be in daily and weekly Shabbat prayer, or regular activities such as Torah Lessons, a Talmud Torah for children, Tehillim (Psalms) readings or the weekly Shabbat Oneg. Having ongoing regular Minyanim for davening is something that even in the earliest periods of the Yishuv’s development when only a few families lived here, we worked very hard to maintain regularly. In those periods, wonderful residents of surrounding neighborhoods walked for hours to ensure that a Minyan would be present in Givat Haroeh on Shabbat and Holidays.

Thank G-d, the structure which has housed our synagogue until now has grown too small to hold the number of adults and children who come to daven. We therefore have decided to build a new shul for the community, and realize the Bible verse “Ve’asu Li Mikdash Veshachanti Betochah” (Make me a sanctuary and I shall reside in it).

The Shul will be built on the land where our forefathers walked along the road leading to Shilo and ate Korbanot, ritual sacrifices in the time of the temple in holiness, connecting the past to the present and facing towards the future.

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planting trees on tu bishvat


Tu Bishvat 1.28

Givaat Haroeh is currently engaged in a fundraising project.

Why? To help expand the borders of the community and prevent overtaking of the land.

How? By cultivating the land and planting trees.

“Where the Jewish plow will plow the last furrow, there our border will cross.”

(Joseph Trumpeldor)

Fundraising Goal: